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The draconic philosophy of Dominae is based on achievement through personal power and will alone. As it says, “A dragon flies alone needing nothing beyond himself, but accept that others will wish to serve you and that is your right.”


Other sayings of Dominae:

“The strong rule by right of strength alone; nothing else is needed.”


"If one must bow to greater strength to survive, do so.  But always seek a way to overcome."



Cardinal beliefs of Dominae (as interpeted by the dragons):


Acquisition, a dragon is expected to acquire power, physical wealth and knowledge, roughly in that order. The strong take from the weak, that is the natural order of things, and no one is stronger then a dragon. Some view the acquisition of property and people as the most important aspect, while other dragons seek only to own what they can carry with them. In any case, no dragon will forgive those who steal from them.


Ambition, there is always more to achieve and more to obtain, it is not the place of a dragon to be content with what they have. There is a world out there, make it yours.


Consumption, the strength of the physical form must be maintained. Naturally, only the best food will do, preferably hunted by the dragon itself. Some dragons insist upon eating only intelligent prey or only prey that can fight back, others seek out the most exotic foods.


Leisure, among the perks of power, is the time to devote to relaxation. A dragon thus proves his power by not having to constantly prove his strength and power. Such times are often turned to strange pursuits such as collecting of esoteric items or various artistic endeavors for those who cannot bear to simply do nothing.


Possession, that which is yours is yours to do what you wish with. No other being has the right to tell you how to treat your goods. You may squander, change or destroy your possessions as you choose, their destiny is what you allow, nothing more.


Privilege, you embody the highest power in the world and the skies above, nothing else is your equal. You look down on others as they are provably inferior to you.


Retaliation, no one opposes you without risk or consequence, enemies are crushed, rivals are destroyed and barriers are swept away. Those that would challenge you will know your power and anger when you met.



The other races who follow Dominae also seek power and, often, to transform themselves into dragons to fully follow its path.

Game Notes


Clerics of the Dominae has access to the following Domains: Destruction, Magic and Strength.


The usual Knowledge skills learned by Clerics of the Dominae are: Arcane, Dragons, Myths and Legends, and Politics.


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