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House Rules

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House Rules

In no particular order, yet.  Update to Pathfinder in progress.




No alignments, though some beings and classes may be aligned with certain powers.




All classes have Perception (Wis) as class skills.


The following Knowledge skills: Astronomy, Local, Myths and Legends, and Politics are class skills for all characters.



Barbarians add Heal (Wis) and Profession (Wis) to their list of class skills.


Bards add Handle Animal (Cha) and Ride (Dex) to class skills.


Clerics Characters who start at 1st level as a Clerics gains 2 skills points to spend on Knowledge skills appropriate to their Domains.  All Clerics gain 1 skill point per level to apply to Knowledge skills.


Druids add Knowledge (religion) (Int) and Sense Motive (Wis) to their list of class skills.


Fighters add Heal (Wis), Knowledge (military) (Int), Knowledge (nobility and royalty) (Int), Perform (weapon drill) (Cha) and Profession (Wis) to their list of class skills.


Monks add Heal (Wis) to their class skills.


Paladins add Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (military) (Int) and Perform (Cha) to their list of class skills.


Rangers, the Favored Enemy ability is unacceptably wide and needs to be narrowed in scope, for example: Arcane Spellcaster, Eosiante Citizens, Ruby Dwaves or Steppe Animals are all acceptable favored enemy types.


Rogues, gain the following class ability:


Right Skill for the Job : at 2nd level and each six levels (8th, 14th, and 20th) thereafter the rogue may choose one skill that is then treated as a class skill for her Rogue levels in all ways.


Specialized Knowledge : at 5th level and every five levels achieved (10th, 15th and 20th), the rogue may choose one Knowledge skill that is treated as a class skill for her Rogue levels in all ways.


Sneak Attack is usable against certain kinds of foes with limited effect when in a situation that a rogue could use sneak attack against such a target, the rogue gains a damage bonus of 1 point per die of sneak attack they possess if they meet the following qualifications:


Constructs, a rogue with an appropriate Craft, Knowledge or Professional skill at 5 ranks. For example, Craft (stone-cutter) when fighting an animated statue,


Elementals, each elemental has a nucleus that is slightly more vulnerable to attack but locating it can be very difficult requiring Knowledge (arcana) at 5 ranks and a successful Spot check against a DC of 20 + the Elemental’s HD (+ other modifiers as the DM deems appropriate).


Corporeal Undead created from creatures with known anatomy.


Sorcerers, may choose to not take a familiar at 1st level and instead gain a bonus feat.


Sorcerers gain eschew materials as a bonus feat at 1st level.


Sorcerer add Intimidate (Cha) and Perform (Cha) to their list of class skills.



Wizard, may choose to not take a familiar at 1st level and instead gain a bonus feat.





Concentration- The following penalties apply to any defensive casting check.

+2 DC for each enemy who threatens the caster beyond the first.

+1 DC if any threatening enemy has 2 ranks of Spellcraft, increased to +3 if any threatening enemy has 5 or more ranks of Spellcraft.


Knowledge Skills: add the following:

• Astronomy, study of the celestial objects and their relationships.

• Dragons, lore and secrets of those most powerful of beings.

• Forbidden, secrets man was not meant to know. [Can only be gained with DM’s permission.]

• Military, organization, tactics and such.

• Myths and Legends, the grand stories of the past, some of which may even be true.

• Philosophy, understanding of the world.

• Politics, who and what is in power, what games are being played and by whom.

• The planes, does not exist as a common skill.


Heal- New skill use:

Battlefield Medicine (replaces Treat Deadly Wounds)- Takes one minute, on a successful DC 15 heal check heals a base of 1 hit points per HD of the treated character +1 hp for each 3 points the DC is exceeded by. The treatment of a wounded character must be begin within 15 minutes of taking the wounds. If you take five minutes to make the check, you may add your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier (whichever is higher) to the amount healed.  If you take a full hour to make the roll, you heal an additional 1 hp for each 2 points the DC is exceeded by rather than 1 per 3.


Only one battlefield medicine check may be made on a person in any hour.


You must expend two uses from a healer's kit to perform this task.  You take a –2 penalty on your Heal skill check for each use from the healer's kit that you lack (or a -5 for not having a healer's kit at all).


A clean and warm room gives a +1 circumstance bonus to the battlefield medicine check, a first aid station +3 and a hospital +5.   While poor conditions adds +1-10 to the DC.


Note: A healer’s kit does not provide any bonuses for a battlefield medicine check, but it does negate penalties. A masterwork healer’s kit provides a +2 equipment bonus on a battlefield medicine checks but costs 100 and 40 to restock.


A healer’s kit provides enough supplies for ten uses. Restocking a healer’s kit costs 25.


New skill synergies

5 or more skill ranks in . . . Gives a +2 bonus on . . .
Knowledge (astronomy) Survival checks to avoid becoming lost (if the stars can be seen)
Knowledge (dragons) Diplomacy checks with dragons
Knowledge (myth and legends) Perform (storytelling)
Knowledge (politics) Diplomacy checks to gather information



Universal Ancient and Dead Languages
Low Draconic High Giant
Imperial Tongue (by region) Rune



Racial Regional Other
High Draconic* Emiri Sailor’s Argot
Dwarven (by clan) Eosiante Weapon-Sworn
Elfin (by family) Sheth  
Sen’tek Taidan  



*High Draconic is such a complex language that it takes 2 language choices to master.



Power Attack- When used with a two-handed weapon, functions as a Strength bonus with each -1 to attack adding +1.5 to damage (rounded down). This bonus combines with the users Strength bonus. i.e. A fighter with a Strength of 13 using a two-handed sword, takes a -1 penalty to attack with Power Attack, his damage bonus with that blow is +3 (+1 for Str, +1 for Power Attack x 1.5 = +3).



Reach Weapons, a reach weapon can be used to attack an adjacent target with a -2 penalty to attack and the loss of any additional damage from it being a two-handed weapon (due to the loss of leverage).


Trip, when making a trip, the attacker may use Dexterity rather than Strength if she has either the Combat Expertise or Improved Trip feat. If using Strength and a two-handed weapon for a trip attempt, the attacker may use one-and-a-half times her Strength bonus (rounded down) for their trip attempt, this is increased to twice her Strength bonus when using a two-handed weapon to dismount a rider.


Death and Dying, Disabled at 0 to -[Con modifier if positive] Hit Points and Dead at -10 or Con score Hit Points (whichever is higher). Once a character's Hit Points are lower than disabled but not dead stablizes at that point.  When healing characters at negative Hit Points, the first point of healing brings them to 0 HP and goes from there.

Once per combat, a character at negative HP may take a move action to "defy death" taking 1 point of damage to each ability and gain HPs equal to the character's level, plus higher of base attack bonus or base fortitude save, plus highest ability bonus.


Spells and Magic-


Sorcerers gain a number of additional 0-level spells known equal to their Charisma bonus.


Spell casting classes that do not have 0-level spells use half of their appropriate statistic bonus (rounded up) for their bonus 1st level spells rather than the bonus listed on the statistic table.


No magic missile. No miracle.


The animal enhancement spells (bear’s endurance, bull’s strength and so on) can be cast in any of three ways:


  • +2 enhancement bonus to the statistic, duration 1 hour/level.
  • +4 enhancement bonus to the statistic, duration 1 minute/level.
  • +6 enhancement bonus to the statistic, duration 1 round/level.


With the exception of bear’s endurance which has the following choices when cast on one’s self:


  • +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution, duration 1 hour/level.
  • +6 enhancement bonus to Constitution, duration 1 minute/level.


Any teleportation type spell that attempts to cross the space between the islands has a much higher chance of failure, unless the point being transited to is in direct physical line of sight.


The only spells that bring people back from the dead are raise dead (now 9th level), reincarnation (now 8th level) or wish. For any of these spells to be effective it must be cast within 1 day + 1 hour per caster level following the death of the individual in question.


Dragonkine cannot be brought back from the dead by any divine means. 

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